Friday April 21
Finding true joy
  • Acts 5:34-42
  • Psalm 27:1,4,13-14
  • John 6:1-15

Today’s Gospel proclamation describes the miracle of feeding the five thousand. The hidden character of this miracle is the insignificant little boy who said “yes” and co-operated in the miracle that the Lord Jesus performed. In our lives, how many times have we been that insignificant person that the Lord had reached out to stand in the gap for someone in need? Have we been able to say yes and co-operate for the Lord to do a miracle? How many times have we turned a blind eye or a deaf ear to someone in need? In the first reading we see how the Lord’s apostles were joyful after being set free by the Sanhedrin even though they were flogged. This is the joy of belonging to God and saying yes to him at all times. They lived with the Lord and experienced the mighty miracles and witnessed his resurrection. We have the same calling and we have the Holy Bible that gives us the strength to do the will of God no matter how insignificant we are. Let us be instruments in the hands of the Lord and share the Good News.

Prayer: Abba Father, help me to be humble and to listen to you attentively. Amen.

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