Wednesday July 27
The Kingdom of God is among us
  • Jeremiah 15:10,16-21
  • Psalm 59:2-4,1011,17,18
  • Matthew 13:44-46

How do we find the kingdom of God in our lives? Are we caught up in the fake kingdom which often appears more attractive? The kingdom of God can be reached only through the narrow gate, while the world tempts us to take the comfortable highway, at the cost of our souls. We need to think about it, most of the time we lose sight of God’s kingdom and ask God to fulfil our worldly desires, but God is inviting us to something beyond our human understanding.

His kingdom is filled with love, peace and joy. That kingdom is not on the clouds or in the sky but the kingdom of God is here with us, but why cannot we experience it? As the first reading mentions, we need to return and go back to him as we are, that is where we can find the true treasure in our lives, it melts our unworthiness, sinfulness and makes us a new creation in the Lord and it gives great value for our existence. Let us seek his kingdom with all our hearts and minds until we experience it in and around us.

Prayer: Abba Father, I want to experience your love, peace and joy, make me humble and fill me with the Holy spirit to enter your kingdom. Amen.

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