Monday May 16
Love the Lord and obey his Word
  • Acts 14:5-18
  • Psalm 115:1-4,15-16
  • John 14:21-26

Our focus should be on God; by this focus we can discern and do miraculous healings in the name of Jesus! However, through these miraculous deeds, the preachers or servers cannot be mistaken for God, because it is not people who heal but the Lord himself. To love the Lord, means not merely to utter a statement of love, but to honor and obey him. How can we obey him and love him? By living according to his word and making his teaching the outline of our lives. Love for the Lord empowers us to obey his word. By this empowerment we feel the passionate love of the Father. God makes us his dwelling place. When God himself makes us his dwelling place, he reveals his heart to us; our heart is then entwined with his heart. We will feel the closeness of his heart to ours. When the Father dwells with his Spirit of holiness, we are set free. The Spirit of holiness will inspire us to remember each word the Lord has already taught us. This is the life in the Spirit that we long for, empowered by the love of Jesus!

Prayer: Abba Father, we give you thanks as your Spirit of holiness is illuminating us to remember your presence in us. Amen.

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