Thursday July 28
There is room for improvement
  • Jeremiah 18:1-6
  • Psalm 146:1-6
  • Matthew 13:47-53

Often we sing hymns saying: Lord, you are the potter, I am the clay in your hands. What does this mean? We need to be ready to be shaped by the Lord, as he sees fit. We have our own plans and personalities, but we need to be humble and open, so that the Lord can fashion us to become the best version of ourselves. As we say in the Responsorial Psalm, our help comes from God alone.

Let us not have any doubts that the Lord who created us can also re-shape us. In today’s Gospel Proclamation, the Lord Jesus ex- plains that the kingdom of God is like a fishing net. Where do we stand? Are we good fish or bad fish? What is the criteria that is used to judge us? It is not our external actions or engagement in religious rituals, but our inner life. How did we treat our neighbors? Did we have a personal connection with the Lord in prayer? We are not perfect, there is always room for improvement. Let us ask the Lord to empower us so that we will be willing to change and become true disciples.

Prayer: Abba Father, strengthen me in your Holy Spirit.

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