Saturday November 6
Responding to the earthly call to inherit the Kingdom

Today’s Gospel reading is taken from the parable of the dishonest manager. The manager was charged with squandering his master’s property. Before the trial, he acted & handled the situation wisely to receive praise from his master. It is a reminder to be responsible for the work, wealth, talents & resources entrusted to us by the master. The present moment is a gift given to do our best spiritually, socially or personally.

Failures & trials may overwhelm us but our grounded understanding in the Lord will save us. Let us pierce the confusion believing it is always possible for God to move mountains when we say yes to Him. We cannot keep one foot on His promises and the other on doubts. We know the promises of God are a blessing and soul-refreshing. We hold on to them dearly and it helps us rise above the situations we face. We are invited to draw strength and grace from God in the power of the Holy Spirit for His work.

Prayer: Abba Father, you are faithful in all your words and gracious in all your deeds. Amen!

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