Thursday November 24
Trusting God in our troubles
  • Rev 18:1-2,21-23. 19:1-3,9
  • Psalm 100:2-5
  • Luke 21:20-28

Today’s readings speak of terror, desolation, and fear. The initial impression given is that this seems unfair to the people of these cities, and to us, be- cause the Lord speaks, guides, and warns us through scripture. However, it states in Revelation 19:2 “His judgments are true and just”. Which means the terrifying acts that will take place are the consequences of the people’s disobedience to the Lord. Yet through the Bible we realize how much God our Father lovingly guides his people and how many times he rescues them from slavery, enemies, and many other calamities.

Often people are faithful only for a short time and after that God is forgotten and they go on their own way. How does this relate to us? Did we also come to the Lord because of a crisis we could not handle? The Lord draws us into a deeper relationship with him and prunes us into what he wants us to be. Often, the process is painful but amid our crisis if we trust in the Lord, we too will be resurrected into a new life.

Prayer: Abba Father, help me to trust you amid crises and to surrender to your will. Amen.

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