Wednesday May 11
Jesus our Saviour.
  • Acts 12:24-13:5
  • Psalm 67:2-3,5-6,8
  • John 12:44-50

In today’s first reading we read about the mission of Paul and Barnabas. In obedience to the Holy Spirit the disciples laid hands on them and sent them on mission. We too have been anointed at Baptism and Confirmation to be missionary disciples. We are not called to be comfortable in our church settings but to take up the challenge of sharing the Good News with those who do not yet know Jesus. As people begin to hear and listen to God’s Word, they will realise that the Lord who called them is the God of all creation. We have been empowered, no longer do we have to live in fear. As Jesus says in today’s Gospel proclamation, “I have come, not to condemn the world, but to save the world.” Jesus will not condemn us, let us not listen to the voice of the deceiving world which says that God loves us only if we are perfect. Jesus died for us sinners, therefore there is hope for us. If we continue to hold on with faith, we shall receive the gift of eternal life. This is the message of hope that we receive during this Easter season.

Prayer: Abba Father, empower me to live a grace-filled life. Amen.

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