Wednesday October 20
Be on guard, keep awake
  • Romans 6:12-18
  • Psalm 124:1-8
  • Luke 12:39-48

Today’s first reading exhorts us to avoid evil inclinations and passions. We are motivated to live a life of holiness, keeping our bodies as instruments for the service of God. Let us remember that we live under the grace of God, and not under the Law, yet we are also urged to use this freedom worthily, without misusing it. The Gospel narration speaks of a parable relating to our preparedness for the coming of the Lord. Just like the Master who goes away entrusting the steward a duty-bound task to fulfill. We are to portray the Character of this steward who has to be sober, hardworking and sensible. Our Master’s return could be at any hour of the day hence we are reminded to await it with utmost preparation. Let us not be fainthearted with all that is taking place around us. We cannot be deceived or discouraged either, but stay awake with all diligence and attentiveness. So let us stay vigilant, and let us not trade the desire for the Lord Jesus Christ for any other thing or anyone.

Abba Father, make me mindful of your calling and help me to be focused on the mission entrusted to me. Amen

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