Saturday October 22
Let us bear fruits worthy of the Kingdom
  • Ephesians 4:7-16
  • Psalm 122:1-5
  • Luke 13:1-9

Once a preacher explained that what matters more is not our giftedness, but our ‘givenness’. We are called into a life of surrender, rather than one of showcasing our giftings. Today’s first reading reminds us that God dis- tributed unique gifts among his people to build up the body of Christ.

If we live merely on our giftedness and neglect to connect to the Giver of those gifts, then we are no different than the fruitless fig tree in Luke’s Gospel. Interestingly, the fig tree grows fruit before its leaves open. Moreover, when we have gifts but fail to lead a life connected to and laid down for Christ, we resemble a fig tree adorned with leaves and seemingly fruitful, while in reality, having no real fruit. If we truly pursue intimacy and abide in Christ, then our lives will blossom within the Heavenly orchard. Only when we give ourselves as Christ did, will we be raised up as he was. When we surrender instead of perform, give instead of display, and abide instead of remain on the surface, only then, will we begin to see fruits among our leaves.
Prayer: Abba Father, show me how to bear fruit through the gifts you have sown in me. Let my life be a continuous song of surrender. Amen.

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