Sunday April 23
Stay with us O Lord
  • Acts 2:14,22-33
  • Psalm 16:1-2,5,7-11
  • 1 Peter 1:17-21
  • Luke 24:13-35

In today’s Gospel proclamation we read how on the day of his resurrection, Jesus meets two of his disciples who were going away from Jerusalem. He shares and interprets the Word and breaks bread with them. This is a celebration of the Eucharist.

The breaking of the bread is his body and blood offered on the cross, given up for all humanity. He offered himself on the cross to restore our divine sonship and bring us back from our fallen nature and restore the image and likeness of God within us, which we lost due to sin.

How important is the Eucharist in our lives? We who are baptized, and have received the identity of divine sonship, which Jesus’ victory on the cross won for us, must hold onto that identify. For this, we need Holy Communion which is Jesus himself. He comes to live in us, to transform us from within.

The Gospel writer says that the disciples’ hearts burnt as they listened to the Scriptures and that their eyes opened to recognize Christ in the breaking of the bread. What was the result? They took a u-turn and changed the direction they were going, and returned to Jerusalem. When Jesus met them they were going away from Jerusalem.

We too at times have gone away from the Lord or done our will. We may have failed to recognize the purpose of our lives, in our busy daily schedules and social activities .

Today let us reflect upon our lives and bring to the Lord those areas that we have not yet surrendered to God. Can we hold on to the Word of God that ministers, reveals and assures, in that area of our lives? If we are not at peace, but anxious about certain things, that exactly is the area, that needs to come under the Lordship of Christ.

Jesus died and thus ransomed us from the futile ways we have inherited from our ancestors. We must strive to live as people of the resurrection, holding on to his promises and believing in them, even when the environment we live in, has no proof of it.

Just as the disciples’ hearts burnt when the Scripture was interpreted by Jesus, the Word of God is the light unto our path.

Let us live in the plea of the psalmist “Keep me, O God, for in you I take refuge.” What a beautiful imagery: when we take refuge in God no harm can come our way, because the Lord will keep us safe. He will protect and guard us.

Prayer: Abba Father, give us the grace to live under your refuge and not to turn away from you. Amen.

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