Thursday 21st March 2024
Have an attitude of total trust
  • Genesis 17:3-9
  • Psalm 105:4-9
  • John 8:51-59

For the ones who fully accept Jesus, death has lost its finality. They have entered into a relationship with God which neither time nor eternity can sever. They go not from life to death; but from life to life; death is only an introduction to the nearer presence of God. “Whoever keeps my word will never see death”. The Lord remembers his covenant forever. Jesus says he knows the Father as no one has ever known him before or will ever know him. In Jesus alone we see what God wants us to know and what God wants us to be. He destroyed death forever. Our true identity as sons and daughters of God is revealed. “Our radical belonging to Christ and the fact that we are in him must imbue in us an attitude of total trust and immense joy. In short we must indeed exclaim with St Paul: if God is for us who can be against us? And the reply is: nothing and nobody can ever separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.” (Pope Benedict XVI)

PRAYER: Abba Father, remove the veil from our eyes, that we may experience life in its abundance and your glory upon us. Amen.

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