Friday September 9
What’s the log in my eye?
  • 1 Corinthians 9:16-19.22-27
  • Psalm 84:3-6.12
  • Luke 6:39-42

It is a common weakness to judge others while not recognising our own faults and the need for God’s mercy. As a spouse I am often quick to play the blame game and criticize my spouse when I could be guilty of similar actions. As a parent I am eager to advice my children but slow to live out that advice. As a friend and neighbour, I show piety and generosity to those around me yet in my own home and work place I act grudgingly and self ishly.

The Lord was direct when he used the word, ‘hypocrite’. Hypocrisy means ‘gross insincerity’. It is like having a log in my eye but making a huge declaration about the speck in my neighbor’s eye. In today’s Gospel proclamation we read a parable which explains how often we are on a quest to remove the speck from others, while failing to see the log in ours. Sincerity is not a thought, but a response to prayer, where the Holy Spirit can give us grace to see our own heart condition and eyes that see Christ in every person, even the most difficult ones.

Prayer: Abba Father, give me new vision that I may see you in every person and new ears that I may listen and not judge. Amen

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