Thursday November 16
Wisdom of God
  • Wisdom 7:22--8:1
  • Psalm 119: 89-91,130,135,175
  • Luke 17:20-25

Today’s first reading reminds us of one of king Solomon’s stories. God appeared to Solomon in a dream one night and told him to ask for whatever he wanted. Solomon in humility, asked for “wisdom” so he could guide God’s people. King Solomon knew that without the Spirit of God within him, he will not be able to proclaim the goodness of God. Imagine the depth of his faith to seek the Holy Spirit in the form of wisdom when he could have simply asked for earthly wishes. This made me question, what will we do if we were given this opportunity? On the same note, the Gospel proclamation reveals how gracious our God is. He did not ask us what we wanted, instead he knew what we desperately needed. Therefore, he sent his only Son to deliver us. Jesus paid the price so we could experience the same wisdom that God granted to king Solomon. Jesus endured a painful death, so we could live in accordance with God’s laws. Jesus carried our cross, so that we might walk in freedom.

Prayer: Abba Father, re-kindle our spirits and make us instruments of your love so that we may glorify you. Amen.

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