Tuesday November 28
Hail Redeemer, King Divine
  • Daniel 2:31-45
  • Daniel 3:57-61
  • Luke 21:5-11

Last Sunday, we celebrated the solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the king of the universe. The world is waiting for Christ’s second coming as King of the universe and his reign will be everlasting. Today’s readings remind us that the worldly power, positions and wealth are all temporary and will be destroyed one day. We have heard and seen many stories about wealthy and powerful people who lost everything in a flash and some even lost their lives in unexpected ways. Death treats everyone equally. But the sad story is that some people are still trying to hold on to worldly leaders, power and positions. In the Gospel proclamation, the Lord Jesus himself says that kingdoms will rise against each other. He wants us to be prepared to face persecution and sufferings before his coming. Therefore let us hold on to the Almighty God and his power that never fails. Let us accumulate heavenly wealth by believing his promises. Then we shall enter his Kingdom which will never perish.

Prayer: Abba Father, reign over our lives forever. Amen.

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