Monday JANUARY 29
Fourth Week in Ordinary Time
Opening our ears to hear the Lord
  • 2 Samuel 15:13-14,30; 16:5-13
  • Psalm 3:2-7
  • Mark 5:1-20

We live in a world where evil is looked upon as more powerful than good, the devil being feared more than God, even by Christians. Yet today’s Gospel proclamation tells us how the demon-possessed man ran to the feet of Jesus, not out of love or devotion but out of fear and powerlessness. It was not the man who ran and fell at Jesus’ feet but the ‘legion’ of demons (many demons fighting together), who were compelled to do so. They had no power in the presence of Jesus. They neither challenged the Lord, nor resisted him.

Furthermore, they needed permission from the Lord, even to be allowed to go into the pigs. We need to remember that the Lord Jesus is living inside us, and is ready to do the same even today, in us and through us. He only requires us to believe, listen and obey. It is time we allow him to speak and act through us and enjoy its fruit: a life of peace, joy and freedom. Love is a person, and his name is Jesus. He calls us to become love in the world.

Abba Father, sharpen our senses so that we may see, hear and feel your Son in our lives more powerfully. Amen.

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