Monday 11th March 2024
God will change our mourning into dancing
  • Isaiah 65:17-21
  • Psalm 30:2,4-6,11-13
  • John 4:43-54

With Isaiah, we look ahead to a new way of being, the new creation. Jerusalem will be a joy and her people will be a delight (Is 65:18). We know now where our focus should be. When we hand over to God our past that we have wept over, there is more space in our hearts for the spirit of rejoicing. This is a time to give thanks and praise to God for the times the Lord has rescued us by his outrageous grace. The words of the psalm are ours today: “You changed my mourning into dancing, you took off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness. So that my soul may praise you and not be silent”. With this comes the deepening of our faith and as the things that caused us to weep, leave us, we too like the official’s son, will live because the Lord has moved us from the foxhole faith that solves our crises to the mature, saving faith of eternal life. May the Lord remove all pride, entitlement, blinding familiarity and reveal to us the glory of the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

PRAYER: Abba Father, I will thank you forever for you have transformed my life. Amen.

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