Friday November 12
Let us commit ourselves to the true God and worship Him alone
  • Solomon 13:1-9
  • Psalm 19:2-5
  • Luke 17:26-37

Today’s first reading explains that the people saw the beauty of the nature but were distracted by what they saw and felt, and worshipped what was visible, instead of the invisible ‘Maker’ of them all. In our lives have we given the first place to the Almighty God and worshipping Him alone or are we worshipping other gods that satisfy our cravings for a brief moment? These gods can be an addiction to alcohol/ drugs, wrong relationships, pornography, wealth, power and career. They make us forget the true God. We can even make our family or even a mobile phone, television, vehicle, sport and various other things, gods in our lives. The Gospel proclamation tells us if we living lost in our day-to-day affairs and push God away, as if God does not exist then we need to repent and turn back to God. Though we belong to a Catholic family or to a particular community will not give us a certificate to inherit the Kingdom of God rather we are called to change our ways and repent.

Prayer: Abba Father, the whole of creation declares Your beauty, might and glory. I fall at Your feet and worship You. Amen

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