Wednesday April 12
Recognize Christ among us
  • Acts 3:1-10
  • Psalm 105:1-4,6-9
  • Luke 24:13-35

The first reading invites us to ponder on the question: What should we offer others? Our spouse, children, parents, relatives, friends, and colleagues expect different things from us on a daily basis. Though we try to do our best, it may still not be enough for them and we may sometimes be upset about this. The first reading reminds us that we may have plenty of things to offer to our loved ones, but the most important thing is the presence of God. Whatever words we speak or actions we do, we can always give Christ to others. To do this, first we need to recognize Christ in our lives. He may be talking to us through different people and experiences in life. But are we open to this? As Catholics, our lives revolve around the Sacraments, and it is important that we understand their true value and participate in them wholeheartedly. It is in the breaking of the bread that the disciples recognized Christ. It shows the importance of us being bound to the church and her Sacraments.

Prayer: Abba Father, help us to see what you want us to see and hear what you want us to hear. We are nothing without you. Amen.

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