Wednesday June 21
God loves a cheerful giver
  • 2 Corinthians 9:6-11
  • Psalm 112:1-4.9
  • Matthew 6:1-6.16-18

Saint Paul says that giving is like sowing a seed, but the rewards do not promise earthly wealth but spiritual wealth. The wonder of God’s gift in Jesus can never be exhausted and the story can never be fully told and in doing so he says to them “can you who have been so generously treated by God, be anything else but generous to others?” In the Gospel of Mathew Jesus admonishes his followers about motive and intention in how we do what we do. Fasting, giving alms and praying out of love for God and his people, can bring great joy and healing in our lives. If they are humanly motivated, it will tend to draw attention to us and they can inflate our egos. Love supersedes all and the power of the Holy Spirit takes control giving us the grace and freedom to rise beyond rituals and traditional practices. Today is the Memorial of St Aloysius Gonzaga an Italian aristocrat who became a Jesuit. He died at a young age while caring for the victims of a serious epidemic. He is a patron saint of youth.

Prayer: Abba Father, may the power of your Holy Spirit rule our lives and may our actions be for your glory alone. Amen.

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