Friday 13th November
Perfect freedom
  • 2 John 4 - 9
  • Psalm 118 : 1-2, 10-11, 17-18
  • Luke 17 : 26 - 37

In the first reading we see St Paul being firm with the Galatians. On deeper reflection we find that the Galatian Jews who became converts to Christianity were now confusing the non-Jewish Christians by trying to bring back the Jewish law. They were trying to bring back the rigidity and restrictions imposed by the law in contrast to the message of freedom that St. Paul preached.

They received the message of grace and then converted to Christianity. However the need to perform rituals in order to be saved, and the need to be in control of their lives was deeply ingrained. And perhaps it was irritating to see these heathens now having the same if not a better access to God simply by believing in Christ! Perhaps the simplicity of what was being preached was too offensive.

We have heard the message of grace preached so often to us. It is in fact the basis of our faith, it is the basis of the four steps through which many of us have encountered the Lord in a personal and life changing manner.

How often do we assume that God loves us more when we have been good, when we have fasted, when we have served? And how often we struggle to accept the love of God when we have not done what we feel like we should have done. Can I still believe that God loves me just as much on those days when I have not prayed compared to the days when I have spent a glorious morning with the Lord?

St Paul reminds us that grace can never be earned. It can only be received with a grateful heart that knows that it is given something it could never obtain of its own accord. Let us focus on the Word of the Lord no matter how offended our mind can get.

Let us ask the Lord to fill us with His love. Let us walk in the freedom that Christ purchased for us at such a great cost – let us continually run to Him, to delight in His grace and find new ways of walking in perfect freedom.

Prayer: Abba Father, I choose to walk in the freedom that you offer me. Amen.

Source: On our Knees publication (November Edition)

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