Sunday December 31
Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
To love our parents is to love God
  • Sirach 3:2-6,12-14
  • Psalm 128:1-5
  • Colossians 3:12-21
  • Luke 2:22-40

Today’s first reading conveys an important message. As a Catechist I am often led to teach the importance of honouring and respecting parents because it is the only commandment that comes with a promise. Out of the Ten Commandments, the first three directly relate to God and then comes this commandment drawing our attention, even before it speaks about avoiding murder or crime. It draws our attention to our parents.
We have to respect and pay attention to our parents. The Scriptures promise, that we attract blessings by doing so and further says that, “everything will go well with you”.
It is a fact that all parents are not perfect and there can be abusive parents too. However our Christian duty is to accept their weak human nature, and forgive and respect them in return. When we do so there is a reward promised for us by God.
We meet many in society, who are wounded and who hold grudges against their parents. We need to keep in mind what God tells us about our parents. It is God’s will that our parents receive our love, respect and attention, therefore whatever we do for our parents, is something that we do for the Lord’s sake. They may not deserve it, still we are bound to do the best for our parents and elders. By hurting them surely we are hurting our- selves, that is a common error and an experience we often come across. Children who treat their parents well are blessed in many ways.
Jesus Christ our Lord was born to a human family as God willed it. The Holy Family which consists of Saint Joseph, Mother Mary and Jesus is the role model for all human families.
By drawing inspiration from the Holy Family, we too can lead holy and beautiful family lives. The parents of the Lord Jesus paid attention to the Mosaic Law. As we hear in the Gospel proclamation, they take their first born to the temple, for the presentation of the Child Jesus.
The purification rites are followed to the letter, telling us that we too must have this kind of respect and concern for God’s law. Our children learn from us. We have to set a right example in the way we follow God’s laws, so that they could look up to us. They may not agree for some reason, but in the long run, with prayer and good example, we could win our children for the Lord.
As we draw near to the dawn of another year, let us invoke the Holy Spirit upon our families, our friends, our countries and our community, that we may receive his grace and blessings.

Prayer: Abba Father, as we stand at the threshold of a New Year may we cherish our families. Amen.

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