Friday May 26
Do you love me?

It is somewhat confusing to see our Lord, who has done the impossible, who has defeated death and risen victorious, repeatedly asking the same question from St. Peter and repeating the same command. Surely the Lord would have known the innermost depth of St. Peter’s heart and seen the love he had for him but still went on to emphasise this to the point that made St. Peter uncomfortable and hurt. For in his heart, he must have still carried the guilt of his denial of the Lord but his love for the Lord was real. Often, we are left in St. Peter’s shoes. However much we try to love the Lord, we end up failing to keep at it. Despite our best intentions of serving the Lord, we tend to look out for our own wellbeing and in the process deny the Lord the love he deserves. We sadly deviate from the original mission we embarked on and go our own ways. But we have a merciful God, who never gives up on us. When we fail, he comes behind us, giving us opportunities to repent. Are we ready to take up this offer of a second chance?

Prayer: Abba Father, forgive us for the many times we failed to love you. Amen.

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