Friday August 18
Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Accept God’s invitation
  • Joshua 24:1-13
  • Psalm 136: 1-3,16-18,21-22,24
  • Matthew 19:3-12

Jesus says: “Many are called but only few are chosen.” It is the essence of the parable and it also shows the cost of discipleship. Why aren’t many chosen? Because they have refused to accept the invitation from God. It shows how some people are caught up in their self-importance. They reject the truth and refuse to acknowledge the importance of God’s message. There is a warning to those who reject God’s invitation. It demonstrates the consequences of turning away from God and choosing to live a life without him. Just as the king in the parable sends his troops to destroy those who rejected his invitation, those who reject God’s invitation face a similar fate. This parable highlights the importance of accepting God’s invitation to his kingdom. It shows how important it is to listen to God’s message and accept his grace. It is a powerful reminder that we should not let pride, selfishness, or any other obstacle keep us from accepting God’s invitation and experiencing the joy and blessings of his kingdom.

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