Monday March 14
Extraordinary choices
  • Daniel 9:4-10
  • Psalm 79:8-9,11,13
  • Luke 6:36-38

While reflecting on the first reading, my mind goes back to Nehemiah’s prayer, where we are called to return to the Lord with a heart of praise and to look back at the marvellous things the Lord has done in our lives. This privilege would have been only through word of mouth for most of our an- cestors or even for some of our parents. But now, with the current technolo- gies and globalisation we have access to things in the past and people’s life experiences with God. Lent is a good time to focus on the lives of Saints. The Church has recognised their dedication and love for God so that we can look up to them and learn from their lives. They were ordinary people but their choices and love for God were extraordinary. Let us turn back to the Lord with a grateful heart and remember what He has done for us. Then we will be able to treat others the way God expects us to. Without this heart of gratefulness, we are unable to do so. Judgement comes to our hearts much easily than thankfulness. Only God can change our hearts.

Prayer: Abba Father, may our lives be transformed as we reflect on the lives of Saints. Amen.

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