Friday June 30
Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time
Faith is the gateway for miracles
  • Genesis 17:1.9-10.15-22
  • Psalm 128:1-5
  • Matthew 8:1-4

Today’s first reading presents one of the greatest promises in the old testament. It is beyond comprehension to believe that a 100 year old man could be capable of producing an offspring. This promise came from God when Abraham was 75 year old and took another 25 years to be fulfilled. The faithfulness of God is manifested as Isaac is born and all the other promises are fulfilled.

I too experienced the of my daughter in a miraculous way as I was not able to conceive for many years. 28 years ago, the Lord spoke to me through Judges 13:3 where my faith was supernaturally raised high by God’s grace and I conceived. Another testimony was shared recently at a retreat, of a person who had been unable to conceive for 8 years and conceived after believing in a word of knowledge. Our God is the God of the impossible. Let us believe in the many promises of God that we have in his Word and apply it to the situations in our lives and receive miracles for the ultimate glory of God.

Prayer: Abba Father, you are waiting to place the crown of victory on our heads, if we say yes to your mighty plan and not our own. Amen.

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