Tuesday March 21
Living Water
  • Ezekiel 47:1-9,12
  • Psalm 46:2-3,5-6,8-9
  • John 5:1-16

As I reflect on Ezekiel’s vision of the flowing waters from the temple; living waters that refresh the Dead Sea and bring life to the barren banks, with living and multiplying creatures and fruitful trees, I hear myself sing the words of “The River” by Brian Doerksen: “In these waters, healing mercy flows with freedom from despair.” Imagine how beautiful and free it must be to be in the depths of that river, where our feet do not touch the ground, where we have no control but the blissful current of God’s grace. It is carrying us, moving us forward, giving us life and freedom from despair. As I utter the words “Lord I am ready to surrender every care”, I hear the words Jesus asked the Crippled man; “Do you want to be healed?”. Are we willing to let go of our ideas of how and what our lives should be? Will we wade into the the river of grace? Or will we just dabble in the shallow part that is only ankle deep and retain control? Or will we remain somewhere in between? How wonderful it would be to walk on to the point where God will be our refuge and strength?

Prayer: Abba Father, take my hand and lead me to the depths of grace where I am all yours. Amen.

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