Friday May 5
Jesus is enough for me.
  • Acts 13:26-33
  • Psalm 2:6-11
  • John 14:1-6

Life can be difficult sometimes. It can leave us feeling disappointed. The Lord Jesus is coming to us today bringing comfort and encouragement. He is gently shifting our perspective and lifting our gaze heavenward. Every situation has a solution in the Lord Jesus. In every situation we face and in what we do in life, we need to remind ourselves of this one thing. Doing this takes intentionality. The Lord asks us to intentionally trust in him and not in anything else, to be the source or means of our joy, peace, contentment or security. Every negative emotion we struggle with, is an indicator to us that we are depending on something or someone else, other than the Lord Jesus, to have our needs met. The Lord gently draws us entreatingly, asking us to believe in him. Believe that he is the way, the truth and the life. Believe that he is enough, believe that he is the answer, believe that in him is the answer to every crisis we will ever face. Believe that every human need finds its fulfilment in him.

Prayer: Abba Father, show me if there is anything in my life without which I am stressed, unsatisfied or empty. You are enough for me. Amen.

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