Monday May 10
The Spirit of truth will set you free
  • Acts 16: 11-15
  • Ps 149: 1-9
  • John 15: 26, 16:4

In response to a vision that St. Paul had, he and his companions went to Macedonia. The Lord Jesus was with them, beside them and behind them with a driving power. They went to continue their work of turning the world upside down in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Nothing could stop St. Paul from preaching the Good News once he was assured of the Holy Spirit’s leading. There was no Synagogue there, but he was content to sit by the bank of the river and preach to the women gathered there. Surely, it was the prompting of the Holy Spirit that made Lydia, obviously a person of high rank to invite St. Paul and his companions to her house. She is described as a dealer in purple cloth, rich and powerful. When the Spirit moves, He opens doors that are closed to accomplish His mission. Lydia and her family were the first fruits of St. Paul’s labour.

Today’s Gospel proclamation speaks about how the Lord Jesus consoles His disciples by telling them that after He ascends to the Father the Holy Spirit will be sent to give divine power to them.He asked them to remain in Jerusalem till the Holy Spirit comes and then they would receive power to do greater miracles, signs, and wonders. Just before the ascension of our Lord Jesus, He told them they must first witness to Him in Jerusalem then in Samaria and then in all of Judea. Suffering and persecution would come in the wake of proclaiming the Good News. The Lord Jesus warns them not to abandon the mission entrusted to them.

What does this mean to me? Today’s readings challenge me to see how far I am prepared to go to witness for the Lord Jesus. I may not have to face death, but I am asked to act in such a way that others will be attracted to the kingdom. Our Jerusalem is our family, church, and community. Every time I react in anger, selfish ways, refuse to forgive or love others, I realise I fail to live up to my calling. But, if I spend time with the Holy Spirit, He will cleanse my soul and redeem me.

Prayer: Abba Father, cleanse, heal and redeem me through the power of Your Spirit that I may be a witness to your great love. Amen!

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