Tuesday December 26
Feast of Saint Stephen, first martyr
Standing for the truth
  • Acts 6:8-10; 7:54-59
  • Psalm 31:3-4,6,8,16-17
  • Matthew 10:17-22

Have we been rejected, criticized or misunderstood because we stood for Christian values? At our jobs, at home or with friends, have we stood for moral principles and got reprimanded by superiors, colleagues, family or friends? When a person is challenged by the truth he or she may react with negative responses. We may have been misunderstood when we tried to help a person or do good to a person. What was our response in those situations? Was it withdrawal, judgment or condemnation of the people who misunderstood us? A person who has not gone out of the way to stand for Christian values, would not face such issues. In the Gospel proclamation, Jesus explains how the disciples will have to suffer. St. Stephen was put to death for speaking the truth. We may have to undergo persecution if we are serious about living a Christian life. When we go through these sufferings we are called to respond like St. Stephen, by forgiving and blessing the persecutors.

Prayer: Abba Father, may we be courageous to go through the suffering that comes when we witness to Christ. Amen.

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