Tuesday 27th February 2024
Let us be channels of God’s love
  • Isaiah 1:10,16-20
  • Psalm 50:8-9,16-17,21,23
  • Matthew 23:1-12

The first reading is an invitation from God to enter the path to holiness, rebuke evil and turn away from vices. It is easy to tread on the path of temporary pleasure and deceit, which is not everlasting. Sin is attractive until we are destroyed. When we start to experience negativity we tend to think that some evil influence is ruling us, but often we have given room to evil to stem up by being wicked towards the helpless and the oppressed. We indulge in our selfish desires while continuing to exercise religious practices. We love to please God and live according to his holy will in our lives. But the flesh, the world and the devil confuse our minds and we keep moving back and forth. Therefore we need to be more receptive of the word of God and be more vigilant about things which contradict the word of God. Let us follow the Ten Commandments but not be self righteous about following it. Let us be motivated by love.

PRAYER: Abba Father, make me a channel of your love. Amen.

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