Monday 06th May 2024
The Lord takes delight in his people
  • Acts 16:11-15
  • Psalm 149:1-6,9
  • John 15:26--16:4

Life does not always follow a logical path, and events do not unfold seamlessly. It undeniably takes a strong faith to navigate through life’s challenges. The Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, is a constant source of strength for us on our journey to eternity. Regardless of where we find ourselves in this journey or the level of faith we carry in our hearts, the Holy Spirit is there to support us through every situation. Whether it is receiving distressing medical news, a job termination, meeting with the boss, the sudden loss of a loved one, or facing the heartbreak of a broken relation- ship, these setbacks won’t bring life to a standstill. If life were a game, the rule is to keep playing, even when it hurts. In today’s Gospel, we learn how Jesus empowered his disciples to bear witness to his power. They were empowered to face situations where the unexpected occurred. Let us strive to live in the Spirit as each day unfolds, allowing us to testify like the disciples on their journey.

PRAYER: Abba Father, as we continue this journey with you, may we bear witness to your Son who accompanies us. Amen.

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