Monday January 9
Let us prepare for eternal life with our choices
  • Isaiah 42:1-4,6-7
  • Psalm 29:1-4,9-10
  • Matthew 3:13-17

Today’s first reading reminds us of the plan of salvation that God promised us through his son, Jesus. Isaiah’s words were fulfilled in the life of Jesus. The people who were dwelling in darkness were promised a light of hope so that the blind can start seeing again. Isn’t this the promise fulfilled in our lives as well after we encountered Jesus? We may have not been physically blind, but spiritually blind and choked in worldly bondages that controlled our lives. But after meeting Jesus, we were set free from this blindness and bondages that weighed heavily upon our lives. God has a plan for us. It is not only for us, our family, and the people we like; but his plan is for all human beings, including our enemies. Often we believe that God has a plan for the lives of the people we like but not for those whom we dislike. We are parts of one body, equally important and working towards the one goal of eternal life. At times, we stray away from the love of God, but let us strive to come back to the Lord.

Prayer: Abba Father, help me to love, trust and obey you more. Amen.

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