Wednesday 20th March 2024
I will praise God in the storm
  • Daniel 3:14-20,91-92,95
  • Daniel 3:52-56
  • John 8:31-42

Today’s first reading helps us to see that God needs to be the centre of our lives and everything else should be secondary. The reading shows the role of trust in our relationship with God. Even in the face of impossible situations, persecution and death, faithfulness, trust and loyalty to God will make us victorious. The responsorial psalm is also a continuation of the story of Daniel. Does a hymn of praise in the midst of persecution and unfairness make sense? It does. Events like calamity or persecution demand a choice. We can stand for what we believe or our character can fold under the pressure. When we stand, when we praise God in the face of evil, even death, we place ourselves in the hands of our Creator. In responding to Jesus in today’s Gospel proclamation how many of us who want to be disciples of Christ have made his word our ‘home’? To know, love and follow Jesus is the way to God, and then we will find true happiness, freedom, and peace.

PRAYER: Abba Father, thank you for walking beside me as the fire tries to get to our spirit. Thank you for awakening my soul to your almighty power. Amen.

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