Saturday 16th January
“Hardly will you be able to do at the time of death what you have not done during your life” Joseph Vaz
  • Isa 52: 7-10
  • Ps 61: 1-10
  • Acts 20: 17-36
  • Mark 16: 15-20

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph Vaz, the Saint of Sri Lanka. God’s salvific plan in the life of our beloved Saint and of the Church in Sri Lanka is clearly visible when we pour over our Church history.

The merciful abundant love of God towards the abandoned Sri Lankans was poured into the heart of this Indian priest. St. Joseph Vaz was not at rest until he sailed to Sri Lanka as a beggar to revive the Catholic Church. The events of his life unravel the mighty hand of God in the areas that would have become stumbling blocks and made him terribly helpless. His plea to travel to Sri Lanka was turned down only until the path was paved and God led him in the accurate path; to the correct people to obtain permission. The necessary transfers of the ruthless and brutal Dutch officials were made on time to clear the entrance for St. Joseph Vaz. The shipwreck he faced was another beautiful plan of God for him to land in the exact place in Sri Lanka, the ideal point of departure of this great mission in the country.

St. Joseph Vaz’s autobiography would read all these events he faced as difficult situations of his life and it is correct in the eyes of this world and according to the human understanding. This is the irony of God’s work; unfathomable events take place in our lives, and we end up in awe because if God had not been in these events we would not have made it to the end. When we look back we could see the hand of God in every event. Therefore we need not be perplexed or depressed when we face shipwrecks in our lives if we are sure that we are surrendered to God and are under His protection.

We are called to be Saints among our people. We too will face enormous shipwrecks and diseases like St. Joseph Vaz faced. Yet when we are properly rooted in the love of God and His word, we will not doubt nor vacillate. When the road seems rough and we can hardly move, let us look at the Cross that saves us from fears and doubts When our atmosphere is hopeless and when the world is left in misery God will revive us and light up out world.

Prayer: Abba Father, I’m your servant, let your will be done in my life. Amen.

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