Monday October 10
Jesus – sign of God’s perfect love
  • Galatians 4: 22-24,26-27,31; 5:1
  • Psalm 113: 1-7
  • Luke 11:29-32

Today’s psalm encourages us to praise the Lord. We accept that we were created to praise God’s name, and yet we often neglect his glory. Thus, the psalmist repeats the encouragement so that we will be more ardent and faithful in praising the Lord. Honest praise of God does not mean that we go around saying, “Praise the Lord” all the time. Instead, it is a response to thinking about who God is and what he has done, as shown in his Word. While praise by its very nature is somewhat instinctive, it also can be nurtured as we intentionally meditate on God’s greatness and glory. Do we discern before we decide on something? Today’s Gospel proclamation teaches us that Jesus is greater than any signs that we may have witnessed. If we have him in our hearts, we do not need any more signs. Do we allow Jesus to have a special place in our hearts? Jesus wants to come and live in our hearts. The simple request is repentance for our sins. Can we repent and invite him to make his home within us?

Prayer: Abba Father, I ask for your forgiveness and I seek your love. Amen.

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