Thursday 24th December
Faith, surrender and mission

Today’s first reading tells us about David’s desire to build a temple as a home for the Ark of the Covenant. The prophet Nathan, however, following Divine revelation, reveals to him, that it is God’s will that a permanent home will only be built by David’s heir when his kingdom is made secure by God, a promise invoked in the psalm, to protect and preserve David’s royal lineage.

The Gospel proclamation tells us that Zechariah, after being struck dumb as a sign of divine intervention in the conception of Elizabeth, regains his speech in the temple and prophesies the role of their son John as the way-maker for Jesus; revelations that were given to him only by reason of his faith.

The readings instruct us that rather than trying to take control over our lives, we should rely on God and His Plan for us. Even in doing good things, as David sought to do, we need to await Divine revelation and guidance on how to do that so as to conform with His Plan and Purpose.
Relinquishing control over our lives and relying on God’s providence is the most difficult thing for us to do as it requires a mindset that abandons reliance on our human abilities and achievements, in favour of trust and faith in God. The readings show that only by completely surrendering our will to Divine Will, can we receive God’s revelations of our mission and purpose in life, just as David, Zechariah (and his wife Elizabeth) did.

Of course, the greatest example is the Blessed Mother, in accept¬ing her mission of bringing our Lord Jesus into our world and made our salvation possible. As we look forward to the celebration of the Nativity tomorrow, it is an appropriate time to reflect on the Blessed Mother’s humble submission to Divine will and our own approach to faith, surrender and mission.

Prayer: Abba Father, I offer You my past and all the ways that I have failed to trust in You. I give You my weakness, my pride and my future. Amen.

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