Saturday October 8
The promises of God nourish our faith
  • Galatians 3:22-29
  • Psalm 105:2-7
  • Luke 11:27-28

St. Paul wrote to those Galatians who accepted Christ Jesus as the Lord of their lives to teach them that it is through faith in Christ Jesus that they are liberated. We know that the first Covenant was fulfilled in the person of Christ Jesus. Therefore the law which kept the people of God (of the first Covenant) connected to God is now kept within our hearts by the gift of faith. Through our baptism we have clothed ourselves with Christ Jesus. We no longer need to be disciplined by the law. We have our true identity now as Children of God. We became children of God not by observing the law but by accepting the love of Christ Jesus through faith. The promises of God in the Scriptures nourish our faith. When we make the ‘Word of God’ the foundation of our lives, our faith grows. Through the Gospel proclamation the Lord Jesus said to us that true blessedness is to be rooted in the “Word of God”. The example the Lord Jesus gave us is the Blessed Mother, who accepted the “Word of God” and the “Word” grew in her.

Prayer: Abba Father, grant me the grace for your Word to grow in me. Amen.

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