Thursday July 21
Parables reveal the secrets of God’s Kingdom
  • Jeremiah 2:1-3, 7-8, 12-13
  • Psalm 36: 6-11
  • Matthew 13:10-17

Many have mistakenly thought that the Gospel announced the Kingdom of God only in Heaven. Christ came to tell us that the Father sent Him to rule among us. A new world is emerging silently and undetected by human faculties. This is spiritual knowledge, grasped and seen only through faith by those accepting Christ as the Lord of their life. God’s Reign is Christ, and those who walk in His footsteps rule with Him.

When Christ is accepted, the secrets of God’s Kingdom are revealed. When darkness covers the depths of the sea, nothing is seen. But when the ‘sun’ shines brightly, the treasures beneath are observable. The myriad colors and variations of fish and plants are seen. Rich veins of gold, minerals and pearls revealed. As I write, I see endless queues for fuel and essential items: caused by an economic recession. In this darkness where is God’s Reign? We see the young generation emerging, breaking barriers of race and religion, that had divided us for many years. Is this not reflective of God’s Reign?

Prayer: Abba Father, may I discover the treasures of your Kingdom in your Son amidst my fears and trials. Amen.

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