Wednesday 27th March 2024
Healed to be a new creation
  • Isaiah 50:4-9
  • Psalm 69:8-10,21-22,31,33-34
  • Matthew 26:14-25

The Son of God is seen from human eyes as a helpless victim, condemned to a painful death. Through Jesus’ wounds humanity has been set free. From the original sin, continuing down to our generations, our addictions and sinful nature have been changed and made clean by the suffering and death of Jesus. Unfortunately many of us are unaware that we are a new creation and have become part of God’s own family. Even though Judas spent many years listening to Jesus, seeing miracles and healings, his heart was not transformed and his thinking patterns were still rooted in the world. As we gaze on the wounds of Jesus we see living waters flowing from his wounds transforming our brokenness into blessings. Inner wounds which block the grace of God from flowing into us and making us holy as God created us to be, will be totally healed. Then the miracle takes place as we claim the promise “by his wounds we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5).

PRAYER: Abba Father, thank you for the gift of your Son, my Saviour. Amen.

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