Wednesday June 14
Love God and love others
  • 2 Corinthians 3:4-11
  • Psalm 99:5-9
  • Matthew 5:17-19

The first reading describes Moses’ physical glory from being in the presence of God. St Paul tells us that it happened even though the old covenant was inferior yet still impressive. How mind-blowing and more glorious is the new covenant? The Psalmist likens these to shouts of joy and clapping of hands. All of nature praises God. This gives us power to be courageous and be strengthened amid all our challenges and struggles. Our guide is the Holy Spirit. Our path is freedom. The Gospel proclamation highlights greatness in the kingdom of heaven, when we faithfully observe God’s law and share it with others. It is good to reflect at the times we have failed to live out the law of love. Have we encouraged others to do the same? How can we observe this law faithfully? This law is not meant to restrict us but to help us live in freedom as children of God. Let us hold on to his promise “Heaven and earth will pass away but not one dot, not one little stoke, shall disappear from the law until its purpose is achieved”.

Prayer: Abba Father, may I be faithful in observing your law of love. Amen.

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