Thursday May 5
Uniting ourselves with Jesus.
  • Acts 8:26-40
  • Psalm 66:8-9,16-17,20
  • John 6:44-51

The Risen Lord continues to remind us that He is the source of eternal life. When we unite ourselves with Jesus Christ by receiving the Holy Eucharist, He promises us something way beyond the materialistic miracles we hope and pray for. Jesus offers us intimate union with Him that will not only sustain us here on earth but will also nourish our spirits and lead us to heaven where we will be in His presence for all eternity. This indeed is the will of God the Father. He is the Father who runs towards the prodigal son, the shepherd who leaves behind the ninety nine sheep for the one who is lost. It is always God that comes reaching out to us first every time we are lost in our sinfulness. He is constantly at work drawing us towards Jesus, giving us opportunities to respond to His calling, just like He did for the Ethiopian eunuch we find in the first reading today. Let us respond to His calling and receive Jesus into our hearts that through His death and resurrection we may live in union with Him now and in the age to come.

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