Wednesday March 22
“I will never forget you” Is 49:15
  • Isaiah 49: 8-15
  • Psalm 145: 8-9, 13-14, 17-18
  • John 5: 17-30

The fulfilment of God’s promises and the establishment of the Kingdom of God took place on Golgotha when the Son of God died and rose again. The promise of the first reading was fulfilled in the Paschal mystery. Jesus restored human beings to their original state, which was spotless and blameless. Therefore the prophet Isaiah said that God ended up doing the impossible. The gap between the creator and the creation was bridged through the Golgotha Sacrifice. The straight path was made for people to gather together under the shelter of our creator, since he had promised to never forsake us nor abandon us like a mother who cares for her babies. The Gospel proclamation shows us the authority and boldness of Jesus while he was at the threshold of his passion and death. Jesus became the highway and the unity, which the Prophet Isaiah spoke of. Because of Jesus’ love and compassion we are redeemed. Jesus came to fulfil the Father’s will, let us also obey the Father’s will.

Prayer: Abba Father, make me meek so that I could love you and love your creation. Amen.

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