Tuesday 4th January
Experincing God’s love
  • 1 Jn 4: 7-10
  • Ps 72: 1-8
  • Mark 6: 34-44

The Gospel proclamation reveals a divine secret when the Lord says “ give them some food yourselves “. It seems a tall order. I would have taken the easy way out. To start with, I may not have sufficient for myself. More de¬mands forthcoming, perhaps. Even a nuisance.

We see possibilities of miracles emerging living another way. For through the Lord, the disciples too, by their own hands miraculously feed the multitudes. When step¬ping out beyond self-interest we enter the divine domain. Loving the other more than self invites us into a mystical dimension. The disciples and crowds unwittingly catch a glimpse of God descending into their human condition seeing the Lord Jesus. “ Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father”.

We see God’s love manifested for the unhappy and miserable state of humanity working in harmony with the Lord Jesus, in conjunc¬tion with the disciples. God is an exchange of love between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He has destined us too, to share in a similar exchange. We are made to be in a relationship. God is a relationship, community. Without God relationships are flawed. We are however created in the image and likeness of the Triune God, who is Love. This Love has been poured into our hearts, that we may channel it into other hearts. God has created us out of love for love, that we too may create anew other lives.

The depiction of Divine love is revealed in the first reading. God sent His Son knowing fully well we would have the option to reject and even kill Him. He reveals His ongoing and continuing love despite that. We did not love God, and yet He gave up His Son as a ransom for our iniquities. It is imperative that we too need to love like that. That is Divine love we share in God through Christ our Lord. Now in that Divine Human nature, we can give love to a world starving for it.

Prayer: Abba Father, I offer you that little love I have received in life, bless it to be a blessing so that others may see you in me. Amen

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