Thursday January 26
The will of God
  • 2 Timothy 1:1-8
  • Psalm 96:1-3,7-8,10
  • Luke 10:1-9

The will of God is that we receive eternal life in Christ Jesus. It is not because we have a special talent or ability or we deserved it but God in his mercy reaches out to us and calls us by name just like he called Saints Paul, Timothy and Titus. We are saved by his grace alone. When he called us, he did not give us a spirit of fearfulness but he gave us his Holy Spirit of power. We are now his witnesses and called to share our testimony of his love and mercy with others by our deeds and words starting with our own families. Jesus reminds us, that light came in to our lives, to give light to those who are in darkness. He also warns us that if we do not bear fruit even what we have will be taken away. We can no longer live for ourselves alone. Let us open our ears to hear his voice and remain faithful to him. In this journey there will be times of spiritual dryness, shame and suffering. St. Paul reminds us that it is only through constant prayer that we can remain in the Lord Jesus, bear witness and reach our ultimate goal: eternal life.

Prayer: Abba Father, we thank and praise you for revealing your love into our hearts, give us the grace to be faithful to you. Amen.

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