Tuesday August 03
Faith, prayer and miracles
  • Numbers 12: 1-13
  • Psalm 51: 3-13
  • Matthew 14: 22-36/15:1-14

The first reading points to prejudice causing Aaron and Miriam to reject Moses’ special role. The consequences are dire, but despite their rejection, Moses prays for Miriam’s healing. Today’s psalm is a humble acknowledgment of sinfulness and a quest for mercy and forgiveness through prayer. In the Gospel proclamation, Our Lord Jesus Christ, pressured inexorably by the multitudes, for healing and teaching, needing space for solitary prayer, instructs His disciples to take the boat to the other side.

In the storm, Jesus appears, to their initial disbelief; followed by fear; impulsiveness; doubt; leading to the miraculous rescue by our Lord Jesus. Finally, profound faith of all is stirred in the boat, adoring and acknowledging Him as the Son of God. That sequence is one that is familiar to many of us. We have His real presence in the Holy Eucharist and the support of the Holy Spirit, to lean on during trial and tribulation, to strengthen our faith.

Prayer: Abba Father, create a new heart in me and infuse me with Your Holy

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