Sunday June 20
Quiet now! Be still
  • Job 38: 1, 8-11
  • Ps 107: 23-31
  • 2 Cor 5: 14-17
  • Mark 4: 35-41

This is the season of stormy weather. The Meteorological Department has been posting warning of inclement weather. The winds have been so strong that roofing sheets have been blown off and homes damaged. Beautiful aged trees have finally bowed down to the winds and the waves of the stormy weather.

This was the same weather that greeted the dingy boat in which our Lord Jesus was sleeping and the rest were petrified. They were rock solid sure that their end was near. Imagine if seasoned fisherfolk were terror-struck by the wind and waves, what would have happened to us. And yet we all face such stormy weather in other guises – a financial setback, a relationship on edge, a death in the family. Each of these brings us to a point where we say, how will we go on from here. We come to a point of hopelessness. But this is the tipping point where human efforts fail and faith should take over.

There are certain areas in life where we as long as we are human will have no understanding. Let’s get this straight. We will never have all the answers and the logic. Someone may explain a concept very convincingly but it is not the final answer. As long as we are in the flesh we will see everything with a veil. The blanket is lifted at a time when God in His mercy may give us an insight or revelation. But it is never complete in this earthly life. Even the great St. Paul had a wonderful and deep experience of God’s love but that did not prevent him from being biased towards women. He was trapped in the customs and behaviour of those times and societies. In certain areas like preaching to Gentiles he was directed and shown the way forward but in other areas, he was allowed to be biased. The point being no one is given all the answers… if so that person will be acting as God and we will begin to worship that person. God is completeness and clarity.

In the first reading, Job is asked if he knows the boundaries where the seas and clouds are held back. If we look up at the clouds, we will see that they have their own life… wading across the skies at their own pace. And a glance at the seas will show us that untiringly they lap against the shores as though some invisible hands is dipping into the water and pushing them to the shore. We may have scientific answers about wave action but at some point, it can all stop short, The areas where we do not have answers are the areas where fears step in. Today, we are faced with the fear of the future, fear of the outcome, fear of our ability to earn, fear of the future of our families.

I was faced with fears regarding life and death and I began to read HDE stories or Near-Death Experiences. These taught me so much. The most important being that we all contain a spirit & soul that will live forever and have all the faculties that we so boast about in our earthly form. Seeing, hearing, moving, thinking to continue even after death. Hence, we see people in their physical form but we fail to see them in their spiritual form. A handsome person may be carrying the most evil spirits while a poor leper may be the epitome of angelic beauty. Alas, we cannot distinguish due to our lack of heavenly vision.

When we begin a journey with the Lord, some of these senses are awakened and we are urged to love, accept and see people in a different light. Secondly in that realm, words are no longer necessary. You are aware of everyone’s thoughts, emotions and feelings. That is why prayer is not about words but the reality in the depth of your heart. God sees the heart and its intentions.

Thirdly, people experience waves of love, familiarity and acceptance. They feel welcomed and they do not want to leave, They are either told that they have completed their mission or have to go back since their mission on earth is incomplete. If we know that our mission on earth was complete, we would not be afraid of death. If we knew that we would be welcomed and loved we would not be afraid of the other side. In Christ, all these secrets become a reality. St Paul says we do not regard anyone from a human point of view, we should now regard him in another way. Meaning everyone is a precious soul with a beautiful mission from the Father unknown to me. St Paul says the one who is in Christ is a new creature, The old things have passed and away, a new world has come. This is so deep. I am no longer alone. Our Lord is in my boat, especially when I go through the most violent storms. He is for me and with me. Most importantly He is in me and He says, “Quiet, Be still”. Let me respond!

Prayer: Abba Father, I choose to open myself up not to human wisdom and understanding but to the World as revealed by the Holy Spirit. In this spiritual world even my emotions, sighs and motivations are known by the Lord who answers them in His immense love. Amen

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