Friday May 07
Be a channel of my Love to the hurting world
  • Acts 15: 22-31
  • Ps 57: 8-12
  • John 15: 12-17

Our Lord Jesus said, “This is my commandment: love one another as I love you.” The command to love one another was not new, but the standard of what that love was to be was new. The key word in the phrase is not only “love” but “as”. In other John 15: 12-17 words, love is modeled after someone; it has been defined by someone: God in the person of Jesus.

Our Lord Jesus changed the standard of that love for others from a person’s own innate selfishness (“as yourself”) to His own example of love for them (“as I have loved you”). This love Jesus demonstrated to His disciples was far beyond the love that humans normally show to one another being greater in scope, depth, patience and commitment. One of the special marks of favour shown in the scriptures is to be called the friend of God. Abraham is called the friend of God (Isaiah 41:8). God speaks with Abraham as a man speaks with his friend (Exodus 33:11). Jesus, the Lord, in turn, calls the disciples his friends rather than his servants. What does it mean to be a friend of God? Friendship with God certainly entails a loving relationship which goes beyond mere duty and obedience.

The distinctive feature of Jesus’ relationship with his disciples was his personal love for them. He loved his own to the end (John 13:1). His love was unconditional and wholly directed to the good of others. His love was also sacrificial. He gave the best he had and all that he had. He gave his very life for those he loved, to secure for them everlasting life with the Father. The world’s version of Love is very different from God’s True love. True love is costly. A true lover gives the best he/she can offer and is willing to sacrifice everything he has for the beloved. God willingly paid the price for our redemption — the sacrifice of his only begotten Son. That is the nature of true friendship and love — the willingness to give all for the beloved. True friends will lay down their lives for each other. Jesus tells us that he is our friend and he loves us whole-heartedly and unconditionally. He wants us to love one another just as he loves us, whole-heartedly and without reserve. His love fills our hearts and transforms our minds and frees us to give ourselves in loving service to others. If we open our hearts to his love and obey his command to love our neighbor, then we will bear much fruit in our lives, fruit that will last for eternity.

Prayer: Abba Father, Your word says –I am your friend and that you have chosen me, to bear fruit for your kingdom, May I relish in being loved by you, bearing fruit for your kingdom, your glory and Honor. Amen.

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