Wednesday June 15
A double portion of the Spirit
  • 2 Kings 2:1,6-14
  • Psalm 31:20-21,24
  • Matthew 6:1-6,16-18

We desire a life in abundance. Most often that life in abundance is about “Things and Things” – worldly things which are limited to what we can see, feel and sense. In other words these are things that can be achieved, bought or brought about. On the other hand, what can we give out, give to others – a brother, a sister in need or lacking something. Most often we give what is in excess from what we hold, so we do not feel a pinch. May be our giving is focussed on showing off, to receive vain glory, for self-ad- miration. But we are called to look after the needy without any reservation, without any limitations and to give out of what we ourselves need so we can take part in that pinch. We must be unselfish in sharing the pain of the poor. Also when we ask of the glorious Father, let us ask in thanksgiving to build up in the Spirit, to build up treasure in heavenly places and not on earth. The Father who hears us, also sees our innermost being and provides us with wisdom in the inmost parts.

Prayer: Abba Father, pour out your Spirit in double portions to us, so we may be one in you in the Spirit. Amen.

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