Monday October 25
Walking in authority
  • Romans 8:12-17
  • Psalm 68:2, 4, 6-7, 20-21
  • Luke 13:10-17

In today’s First Reading St. Paul describes two ways in which we can live; to live according to the sinful nature or to live in authority as sons and daughters of God. St. Paul further describes that we are also heirs with God and coheirs with Christ. In other words, he is teaching us about our identity through which comes authority to walk on this earth. In the Gospel Proclamation, we see Jesus walking with that authority. He knew who He was, where He came from and where He was going and did not need any other conviction. With this conviction He was able to perform miracles and healings, and did not get disturbed by any other voice or carried away by what others thought about Him. Today’s readings are calling us to walk on the path of Sonship, a life of walking in authority and belief in who we are and what power and resources have been given to us. This path brings life and fulfillment of God’s plan in our lives. If we walk in our own sinful ways it will bring misery and death.

Abba Father, convert our minds, to walk in the identity that you give us as Your Children – Amen.

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