Tuesday December 13
Focus on reaching God’s kingdom
  • Zephaniah 3:1-2,9-13
  • Psalm 34:2-3,6-7,17-19,23
  • Matthew 21:28-32

The Lord Jesus speaks about the importance of obedience. It is not so much about following rules and regulations alone, more importantly it is about setting our priorities in order. Sometimes we ignore what is being said in the Word of God to receive material benefits. Let us change such patterns and learn to follow God’s leading in our lives. We have been sent to this earth for a purpose. We are being guided, coached, and led by divine providence and direction which allows us to fulfill the assigned purpose. Sadly, many of us fail to listen and follow the heavenly direction due to increased self-centeredness within our hearts – potentially losing the sight of God due to our own arrogant and proud behaviours. Most of the time we are quick to judge people and we let others down. Through today’s Gospel proclamation we are reminded of the importance of being humble, honest, and truthful. Living with a repentant heart is important as we desire to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prayer: Abba Father, we pray that our hearts will stay focused on the values of the kingdom than on the pleasures of this world. Amen.

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